A Financial Plan can provide a beacon of confidence in uncertain times

COVID-19 is affecting us all. It has impacted upon our daily life, routines, contact with friends and family and our finances.
I’ve experienced times recently, when worry and fear took over. We are in uncertain and unprecedented times, and it’s quite natural for us to feel emotions like this at times like this. It’s part of our makeup, it’s human nature.

We can also feel an urgent need to act, to help, to try and make changes to influence in a positive way and I expect we are all either doing this in some way or have witnessed others doing so.
Our protective instincts influence our thinking:

Is my family going to be ok ?
Are my clients going to be ok?
Is my business going to be ok?
Will my finances be ok ?

In times of uncertainty, like we are living through now, the power and true value of financial planning and having a financial plan can shine through, acting as a beacon of confidence.
You may be thinking or have thought of late:

How do the recent falls in stock markets affect me / us ?
Can I / we still have the retirement I / we hope for?
Can I / we help our children through university or with a deposit for their first home?

These are just some of the questions that a financial plan can help you to answer and visualise.
Our new 4 minute video explains more about financial planning and what a financial plan is:

Whilst face to face meetings are not possible right now, this doesn’t stop us from working with you and helping you with your finances.

We can meet with you virtually to bring your numbers to life and help take away any uncertainty or fear that you may have about your plans for the future. Please do get in touch to see how we can help you.