Basingstoke РAlençon РParis. 34 cyclists pedal against cancer

Thirty-four English cyclists traveled to Alençon from 13 to 14 July 2017. They connect the twin city of Basingstoke to Paris to raise money. Objective: to finance the construction of a cancer care center.

After cycling 115 km, thirty-four cyclists from Basingstoke (Great Britain) arrived last night in Alençon. Time to enjoy the parade of nations, Folklores festival of the world, and fireworks. The time also to spend a good night, it was short, before leaving again before 9 pm, Friday July 14, 2017. Direction Evreux, then Paris.

These sportsmen from the twin town of Alençon were welcomed by members of the twinning committee, including David Gorring, its president, Dominique Artois, deputy mayor, and representatives of the League against Cancer. They are on their way to Paris in order to collect money to help build a cancer care center near Basingstoke. Their association Ark Cancer Charity hopes to raise € 5,670,000 for this project.

To take part in this journey, the cyclists, baptized the Ark Riders, paid a fairly substantial registration fee. In addition, they are committed to finding one or more donors to raise the minimum amount of € 1,140 each. The group has 31 men and 3 women. The youngest is 25 years old, the oldest, 57 years old.