Case Study: Life Plan

What prompted Sylvia toapproach Beaufort Financial?

Sylvia has been a client of Mark Dolby’s for over 10 years now.Sylvia approached Beaufort Financial for advice because she had heard of their great reputation and she wanted advice from a business that was well respected and independent.

Sylviahas always been a force of nature and someone who is always on the go. So, five years ago she set up her own HR consultancy business which has been a huge success, resulting in high demand for her services around the UK. However, this has meant that she has had less time to focus on her own financial situation and understand exactly what her future holds.

Predominantly, Sylvia needed advice because she wanted to know what her retirement options were and how well her pension was doing. Her parents are both enjoying life and in their 90s, so Sylvia has always worried that once she stops working her income will need to last for up to 40 more years, which explains her amazing work ethic and why she is driven to finding her next contract.

She approached Mark Dolby as he was well known, respected and connected with people and businesses that she trusted. Although she has also invested in property, various bank accounts, ISAs and pensions shealways thought that she would end up being left with little or nothing in retirement.

What were Sylvia’s circumstances?

Sylvia had reached her 40s and had worked hard so wanted to make sure that her savings were going to offer her a comfortable retirement and the opportunity to retire early. She also wanted to make sure that she hadplanned well as she has no dependents to leave her investments to, and is a believer in the ‘nothing left on the last day’ scenario.

How seekingfinancial advice has made a difference to Sylvia’s life

As Sylvia’s time is precious, Mark and Sylvia meet on an annual basis. They recently spent some time looking at her plan for retirement and this is where the Life Plan was able to show Sylvia what her future would look like, what her lifestyle would look like and factor in what she wanted to be doing with her time. It sustained the fact that after all her hard work and commitment it will be possible for her to retire and begin enjoying more holidays and spending her free time her own way!

For Sylvia, seeing her Life Plan made a huge difference in reassuring her that the future is not the ‘unknown’, it is planned for and can be shaped in whichever way suits her lifestyle.