Diary of an adviser: Tony Gardiner


Monday starts at 8am, checking my emails and seeing what action is needed. After, I check my diary to make sure that everything is in place for the week ahead.

The morning is spent looking at client portfolios that are due reviews over the next two weeks and putting into place any action plans with the admin team. Due to the current market volatility, there are a couple of fund switches to complete. I have one client with which I am in discussion regarding going into drawdown on his pension fund, and we have decided to go a little more defensive on a percentage of his fund.

This evening sees me head off for an evening meeting with a couple to complete a Life Plan cashflow model as part of their pension options discussion we are having.


It’s an early start as I head to London for meetings with a one of my introducers, a solicitor practice in Mayfair. I give a presentation to the family team about our Life Plan cashflow service, and then we hold some joint meetings with several clients throughout the day where we use the service to demonstrate how this can be the backbone of their financial planning going forward.

Tonight, I do some facetime calls with some friends back in the UAE, where I lived for many years. It’s a bit later for them though, so it’s short hello’s, quick catch-ups and then a bit of TV before bed.


The day starts in the office, where I meet with the admin team and run through yesterday’s meeting and pass over the change of agency forms which I was given. The admin team then action these and we await the return of the document before we plan any recommendations and follow up meetings.

I’ve got a Lunch time meeting with an introducer, then I head back to the office to work on a client’s investment options.

Tonight, I’m out for a light jog. I’m still trying to rehab after snapping my Achilles during a football game I took part in with Beaufort Financial within my first few weeks!


Today’s diary schedule tells me I have back-to-back client meetings so I’m looking forward to catching up with them and giving them updates on their portfolios. More importantly I’m looking forward to finding out how they are, and to see if there have been any changes in their circumstances since we last saw each other.

The day ends well when a person I have known for several years calls me and asks for a meeting to discuss an inheritance he is due to receive. He wants some regulated advice to more sufficiently understand his new position.


The week ends well with an email from an introduced prospect that I meet two weeks ago, letting me know that they would like to start to work with me and begin a financial planning journey with Beaufort Financial (Reading). I’m really pleased to be able to help another family plan their financial future.

We then have a lunch time meeting in the office with the head of the Berkshire Community Foundation, who are a charitable grant-maker supporting hundreds of charities and voluntary organisations across Berkshire. Beaufort Financial (Reading) staff offer volunteering days to help charities we are passionate about so I was keen to meet him and find out how I could get more involved. It’s been a great week, and now I have some time to relax over the weekend.