Pension freedoms and the value of seeking advice

AKG, an independent organisation specialising in the provision of assessment, ratings, information and consultancy to the financial services industry, recently published their 2018 pension freedoms paper.

A key finding is that advisers have never been busier, with 77% saying they are spending more time and resources on the provision of retirement advice since the launch of freedoms.

AKG’s finding is supported byBeaufort Financial, who has seen a surge in the number of clients needing education and advice on the range of options available and building a plan for retirement.

Mark Dolby, Director at Beaufort Financial said: With the recent changes in legislation and the introduction of pension freedoms there has never been a time when advice was needed by so many. Clients are now understanding the value of advice and how proper planning can benefit not only them but also their dependants and family. Our industry has come such a long way since the days of ‘flogging products to earn a living’ and it gives me and our team a real sense of satisfaction working with clients to meet their goals and objectives for a long and happy retirement. After all, you could be retired longer than you worked and you should enjoy it to the fullest.

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