PLAN | BUILD | EXIT seminar

On the morning of the 14 June, attendees of the ‘PLAN | BUILD | EXIT’ seminar were welcomed into the Loddon Room of the Royal Berkshire Conference Centre. We hosted more than 50 professionals at this sold out event.

The seminar was a collaborative effort organised by Beaufort Financial, Sleeping Tiger and Wilson Partners Corporate Finance with an aim of designing three connecting presentations for professionals looking to build a plan and understand their options leading up to selling, or exiting, their business.

As an event for business owners and company directors, by business owners and company directors; our own Mark Dolby began the presentations with the ‘plan’ section. Creating a detailed but accessible explanation of how business owners can utilise their assets to fund their desired lifestyle, and how to prepare and plan for this in the future. Focussing on required income to have a comfortable, long-lasting pension and tips for tax mitigation.

Constructing the following section, of how to ‘build’ one’s business: Dave Gammon of Sleeping Tiger. Dave enigmatically led the professionals through the necessary steps to, not only, break out of current performance but develop beyond. Touching on goal realisation, planning structural business shifts and troubleshooting possible issues in the future. Not only discussing business mechanics, but also the psychological barriers entrepreneurs may encounter, and subsequently, solve.

As our event neared its end, Adam Wardle (Wilson Partners Corporate Finance) outlined the ‘exit’ strategies of selling a business, and what to remember whilst doing so. Firstly, bringing into question who may be wishing to buy businesses, and what their reasons may be. Focussing upon realistic valuations, Adam expertly located and described methods of negotiation, dealing terms and presenting a business attractively.

The seminar closed with a question and answer panel which welcomed questions from our guests to any of the three presenters.

Our ‘PLAN | BUILD | EXIT’ seminar was a success and we received excellent feedback from many of our guests, as well as interesting discussions resulting from the Q and A panel.

If you would like any further information about this business seminar, please get in touch.