Graeme runs one of Beaufort Financial’s business units, leading a team of three. He believes that the only way to achieve optimal results is by working closely with clients. Unlike many advisers, Graeme works on the basis that educating clients will allow them to make better decisions in the future, and in over 20 years of advising clients, he has seen many examples of where this has saved clients’ money.

Graeme and his team focus on providing proactive ongoing advice; with the complexity and frequency of change in tax and legislation, plus changes in clients’ goals and circumstances, navigating the best path towards those goals needs constant adjustment to ensure optimal results and ensure that clients understand where they are headed towards.

As a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society, Graeme has the highest possible level of qualifications, ensuring that he can access the best possible strategies for clients, which can make a substantial difference to their overall financial position. Graeme is particularly strong in the areas of investment management, all aspects of pensions planning, inheritance and cross generational planning, trust and corporate issues.

Away from the office

When he’s not advising clients, Graeme loves nothing more than sport; both watching and playing.

He also enjoys film, tv dramas as well as having a keen interest in history and technology.

The official bit

All financial advisers must be registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

You can view Graeme’s entry on the FCA Register here.

Furthermore, all advisers must be issued with a valid Statement of Professional Standing (SPS) which confirms that they continue to satisfy stringent requirements to act as a financial adviser.

An adviser’s SPS must be renewed annually. We can provide you with a copy of Graeme’s SPS on request.