Client Guide Quarterly Update – Now live

Despite all the optimism around ‘Freedom Day’ there is still cautious progress along the journey to economic recovery from the pandemic. Rising case numbers and the ever-shifting international travel advice shows we are still nowhere near ‘back to normal’.

With the Chancellor focused on the Covid-19 debt recovery programme, this update to our Client Guides series incorporates proposals for potential change to the capital gains tax regime, including findings from the latest government reports, plus possible review of pensions taxation. While there are rumours that the expected autumn Budget may be delayed until the spring, there will be a Spending Review which may outline the shape of things to come.

You can view the Client Guide update here.

For this July 2021 release we’ve updated our Guides so all now include information on:

Investment planning and asset allocation
Small company fund returns show a significant recovery in 2021, although the predictions from economists that inflation will rise is likely to affect some asset classes.

Saving for retirement
Numbers of older people in work remain steady as a new report analyses the minimum retirement income and estimates half of people will retire with less than the amount of money they think they need.

The financial planning journey
While investment in ESG funds continues to grow rapidly, we alert readers to the practice of ‘greenwashing’ (unscrupulous funds presenting as environmentally sound to piggy-back on this new trend.)

We’ve also made amendments to our Guides on ‘Investing tax efficiently’, ‘Taking an income at retirement’, ‘Taxation of property’, and ‘The financial planning journey’.

The next revision will be available in October 2021, when we will be sharing relevant developments affecting your pension, investment and general financial planning. Please get in touch with us if you need help or advice on any of the topics covered in the Key Guides.

You can view the Client Guide update here.