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Investing for children

Most parents want to help their children financially, whether it is making sure there is enough money for their education or helping them to buy a property. An early objective may well be to help children understand the value and importance of money.


Investing tax efficiently

The taxation of investments has never been a simple matter. In recent years it has become more complex as successive governments have chosen to tax different sources of investment income in different ways, mostly with the aim of adding to the Exchequer’s coffers.


Investment planning & asset allocation

Investment planning is now more of a science, rather than an art. Technology, everincreasing investment opportunities and stricter regulation have all encouraged a more scientific approach. But has your investment strategy kept pace?


Pensions tax planning for high earners

If you feel you’re paying more and more tax, you are not alone. More than one in seven of income tax payers are taxed at the higher or additional rate, but they pay about two thirds of all income tax.


Saving for retirement

Retirement is something most of us look forward to − particularly on a Monday morning. However, those thoughts are often little more than a whimsical cocktail of not having to work and prolonged holidays. The reality could be rather different, particularly if your retirement date is some way off.


Taking income at retirement

There comes a time when you stop working for your money and put your money to work for you. For most people, that is retirement. The decisions you make then could have repercussions for the rest of your life, and in recent years, there have been some major changes to the retirement choices you can make with your pensions. That retirement could turn out to last considerably longer than you think, as the table below shows.


Taxation of property

You may have been lucky enough to inherit rental property or be in the position to purchase property outright. However, buying-to-let is the usual way of becoming a landlord, and it is an attractive proposition for anyone who can raise a deposit.


You and yours estate planning

Estate planning is usually not a subject that attracts immediate attention. It requires you to consider what will happen when your life is over, hardly something most of us rush to contemplate. Consequently, estate planning often becomes, and all too often remains, a do-it-tomorrow task. Then it could suddenly become all important... or it might be too late. After all, accidents do happen.


Business succession planning

When the owner or co-owner of a business dies or suffers a serious illness, their family and business partners can be left in a complex situation. In some instances, the business ends up in the wrong hands, in others the business can fail.


Making the most of ISAs

When Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) fi rst appeared in 1999 as a replacement for PEPs and TESSAs, they were a relatively straightforward offering.


What do our clients say?

  • We have been clients…for many years and find them very pleasant, professional and efficient to deal with and very helpful when advice is needed. Without reservation I have recommended other people to talk [to them] about their financial planning requirements.

    David Knights - Flintshire

  • We have been clients for many years and have always had professional and helpful advice from them. Stephen, Gaynor and the staff are friends as well as advisers and we would not hesitate to recommend them to others wanting financial advice.

    Raymond King - Deeside

  • As new clients they quickly understood our circumstances and gave us several easy to understand options to consider. Great to work with, both friendly & professional.

    Mike Day - Wirral

  • I have been a client for many years and regard Stephen Lyth as a friend. My wife and I have always been treated with the greatest respect with honest and reliable advice and know that our financial and legal affairs are in good hands and have no hesitation in making our recommendations.

    Thomas Chesterson - Cheshire

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