How much is enough?

Here at Beaufort Financial, we are proud of the number of clients we have enabled to retire between the ages of 55 – 60, because of our actions they are now enjoying life to the full, indeed, really living the dream.

How much is enough depends very much on the “lifestyle” people wish to lead in retirement. As an example, an income of £18,000 to £20,000 may be sufficient for some, however, for others, a figure in excess of £60,000 pa may be more appropriate.

Lifestyle financial planning

Our “Lifestyle Financial Planning” process will determine a realistic figure, based on our interviewing technique.

The starting point is to gather current data on all existing assets and expenditure. Our comprehensive “cash flow system”, will use the data to provide a holistic overview of where you are now and where we would like to get you too. We get to the bottom of whether there is going to be sufficient monies to fulfil bucket lists and dreams, as this will emerge from our talks.

Finding out exactly where you are at 50, we can assure you, is so much better than learning about it when you are 60. It may also prevent you working for longer than you need!

We will calculate whether you have enough money in retirement to live the life you want; we will also do our best to make sure nothing is unnecessarily left to the Taxman.

Without effective financial planning, there is no worse scenario than finding you could have lived your retirement years oh so differently. Don’t let that be you.

Our service will provide:
  • More time for you to do what you want.
  • More money to do it with.
  • Complete peace of mind whilst you are doing it.

Money can’t buy time, but it can make what you have left, absolute quality.