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The World In A Week – Beneath The Surface

On the surface, last week appeared quite sedate in markets as global equities, measured by MSCI ACWI rose +0.16% in GBP terms. This was led by UK and Japanese Equities, while the US markets sold off slightly. Beneath the surface however, there have been important movements in other parts of financial markets. Global and Sterling-denominated…

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The World In A Week – Back To School

While the country waved the next generation off to start a new school year, the same old issues still loitered in the global playground. The tedious game of moans between the US and China continues unabated.  The trade stalemate was highlighted with mirrored tariffs, showing a much harder stance from China.  This was highlighted with…

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The World In A Week – Prorogue

You may think that the title of this week’s ‘World in a Week’ relates to the protagonist of a play, disappointingly this is not the case. Prorogue is the technical terminology for the discontinuation of a parliamentary session without formerly dissolving parliament. This is what Boris did next, when he announced that parliament would be…

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The World In A Week – The G7, and other Sticky Wickets

Market volatility continued for the week ending 23rd August 2019, with global equities down -1.6% in GBP terms as measured by MSCI ACWI – this was primarily driven by ongoing concerns regarding the US economy as well as a weakening Dollar. Global bonds fell -0.1% over the week, while Sterling bonds fell -0.3%. Sterling rose…

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The World In A Week – Rebel Without A Cause

The US and China are both playing hardball, with neither wishing to lose face, but so far, there is no winning, only losing. On a topic that we have written extensively about in the past, trade wars continue to fluctuate between resolution and escalation. Following Trump’s announcement of further tariffs on Chinese goods last week,…

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Could your property boost your retirement fund?

Property is increasingly being seen as an asset that’s vital for funding retirement. It’s no surprise, after all, our homes are often one of the largest assets we have, but what are your options and the drawbacks of doing this? The value of property has grown enormously over the last few decades. If you’re approaching…

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Using your savings to achieve aspirations

What’s on your bucket list? Whether incredibly exciting experiences, exotic travel destinations or something entirely different features on your list, it’s likely finances will play some role in how achievable they are. Could your savings be used to tick a few of your aspirations off? You may have been saving with specific goals in mind…

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