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The World In A Week – Judgement Day

Geopolitical tensions escalated last week following the attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil production facilities. It has been estimated that the attack destroyed c.50% of Saudi production, although there were assured statements from the capital that oil exports would be maintained, and lost capacity would be expediently rebuilt. Following a huge initial jump in the oil…

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5 staycation destinations perfect for autumn

With summer over, the nights are already starting to draw in and the colder weather is arriving after months of record-breaking temperatures. That doesn’t mean you have to shelve your UK holiday plans until the spring though. Throughout autumn, there is still plenty of places to head without having to step on a plane when…

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4 reasons ISAs are still worthwhile

Changes to how savings are taxed means ISAs (Individual Savings Accounts) may not be as attractive as they once were. However, there are still plenty of reasons why ISAs should be part of your financial plan. ISAs were first introduced 20 years ago in a bid to encourage more people to save. An ISA is…

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Are you taking enough risk financially?

When you think of financial risk, it’s probably potential investment losses that come to mind. But not taking enough risk with your wealth can be just as damaging financially. News that UBS, the world’s largest wealth manager, will introduce a penalty for clients that hold a large portion of their assets in cash accounts gives…

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What to do if you think you’ll never retire

More people are paying into a pension than ever before. Yet, millions are still worried they’ll never be able to retire. If you have concerns about the retirement lifestyle you will be able to afford, there are often steps you can take to improve this. First, the good news: the number of people saving enough…

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The World In A Week – Beneath The Surface

On the surface, last week appeared quite sedate in markets as global equities, measured by MSCI ACWI rose +0.16% in GBP terms. This was led by UK and Japanese Equities, while the US markets sold off slightly. Beneath the surface however, there have been important movements in other parts of financial markets. Global and Sterling-denominated…

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The World In A Week – Back To School

While the country waved the next generation off to start a new school year, the same old issues still loitered in the global playground. The tedious game of moans between the US and China continues unabated.  The trade stalemate was highlighted with mirrored tariffs, showing a much harder stance from China.  This was highlighted with…

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The World In A Week – Prorogue

You may think that the title of this week’s ‘World in a Week’ relates to the protagonist of a play, disappointingly this is not the case. Prorogue is the technical terminology for the discontinuation of a parliamentary session without formerly dissolving parliament. This is what Boris did next, when he announced that parliament would be…

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  • We have been clients…for many years and find them very pleasant, professional and efficient to deal with and very helpful when advice is needed. Without reservation I have recommended other people to talk [to them] about their financial planning requirements.

    David Knights - Flintshire

  • We have been clients for many years and have always had professional and helpful advice from them. Stephen, Gaynor and the staff are friends as well as advisers and we would not hesitate to recommend them to others wanting financial advice.

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    Mike Day - Wirral

  • I have been a client for many years and regard Stephen Lyth as a friend. My wife and I have always been treated with the greatest respect with honest and reliable advice and know that our financial and legal affairs are in good hands and have no hesitation in making our recommendations.

    Thomas Chesterson - Cheshire

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