What we will do for you

1. Lifestyle Profiling, this will identify what you are doing professionally and personally now, so that we can support your future plans.

2. Look at the strengths and threats currently involved in your lifestyle, what can be capitalised on, what needs to be eliminated now and going forward.

3. Take full details of your existing financial assets and liabilities, obtain up to date valuations and request official confirmation of same.

4. Examine your propensity to take the risks associated with investing money in general.

5. Appraise all financial information received, prioritise accordingly.

6. Prepare personal “investment risk” profile reports for discussion.

7. Create a detailed and bespoke personal cash flow plan, showing your current position and any calamity scenario.

8. Recommend solutions to address your personal requirements, needs, calamity position and any shortfall your planning may face.

9. Study ancillary areas such as, Will’s, children’s education, IHT, Lasting Powers of Attorney, foreign property /asset ownership and estate planning.

10. Take on board any professional planning you may require, establish a valuation for your business if needed, organise an exit strategy, put a succession plan in place if family/partners are involved etc.

11. Implement a detailed plan of action to address all of the areas highlighted above.

12. Provide you with suitability letters for all actions outlined and to update your plan on completion.

13. Issue you a formal written copy of these letters.

14. Review your Plan and requirements on a regular basis.

What this will provide for you

  • More time for you to do what you want.
  • More money to do it with.
  • Complete peace of mind whilst you are doing it.

Money can’t buy time, but it can make the time you have a lot more comfortable, if not better!

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