Beaufort Financial St Helens is an independent Financial Adviser that offers sophisticated and transparent financial advice to individual clients and private companies.

Getting to the nitty gritty of your finances, we will identify your future financial requirements against future scenarios, helping you to prioritise and prepare.

Whether you are looking to retire early, pay off your mortgage by a certain age, take that once in a lifetime holiday, help the children through education, a Life Plan will help you think about each phase of your life in order to plan ahead.

Having your own Life Plan in place will help you to see what is achievable and will also help to focus attention on your spending patterns. It will help you to visualise your current and future financial position, so that you can plan with confidence.

We offer a free no-obligation initial consultation to discuss your financial needs.


Cashflow planning

Longevity matters

Financial planning

Relevant life plans

Client tax guides

The financial planning journey

Financial planning isn’t just reserved for the especially wealthy. Whether we’re aware of it or not, all of us are on a financial planning journey and nearly all of us will want to make the most of our money.


Investing tax efficiently

The way that investments are taxed has changed over recent years as successive governments have chosen to handle various sources of investment income in different ways.


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