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Protecting your money from inappropriate investment products

It’s natural to want your hard-earned savings to grow as much as possible. However, as the saying goes ‘if something seems too good to be true, it probably is’. When we hear about people losing their life savings, it’s often related to scams and fraudsters. However, recent headlines show that getting sucked into inappropriate products…

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Pension changes to be aware of for the 2019/20 tax year

As the start of a new tax year begins, it’s often a time to consider how your financial plan is shaping up and ensuring it’s still relevant for aspirations and goals. You may be thinking about how you’ll use your ISA (Individual Savings Account) allowance this year or how to make the most of investable…

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Why are more retirees using Equity Release?

Some retirees are finding themselves asset rich but cash poor, impacting the lifestyle achieved. It’s a trend that’s led to an increasing number of people using Equity Release products to unlock wealth currently locked away in property. If you’re looking for ways to boost your retirement income, Equity Release could be an option that helps…

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Should you take action if your investments underperform?

Investment markets in 2018 saw the return of volatility. A range of factors, from Brexit to US trade policy influenced how well stocks and shares performed. For some people, it means investments may not have delivered the return expected. A glance at returns that are below projections can naturally lead to the feeling that something…

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What do our clients say?

  • We thought that we would write and let you know that the Council will be funding my mother’s care. Unless you had given us the heads up she would have continued self-funding for some time. Thank you very much for your keen observation. It has saved us a deal of money should it be needed in the future.

    Mr & Mrs F, Swindon

  • Thanks for recent summary documents we received from you. Very professional and very useful, much appreciated. Thanks for all your help during the year.

    David & Janice B, Swindon

  • I really do want to compliment you. You have worked incredibly hard for us and I wanted to confirm this in writing to you.

    Joanne S (HR Director), Oxford

  • If you want sound, no-nonsense, practical financial advice then Nick is your man. He runs a very professional service and we have enjoyed the benefits of his expertise. Our personal finances would not be in such good shape without Nick’s wisdom.

    Jeremy S

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