The art and science of financial planning

By applying a blend of art and science to our approach to financial planning, we’ll plan for your future by identifying aspirations, creating confidence and achieving objectives.

Who do we work with?

We are specialists, providing independent financial advice to three distinct types of clients.

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Why choose us

We are Independent Financial Advisers based in Gloucester and Worcester.

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Meet the team

Our financial planning team are here to help you achieve your financial goals.

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Focus on

A series of resources to help you understand key financial topics.

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What do our clients say?

  • We are very happy to recommend Mark's services. Having recently retired it has been reassuring to receive advice and support from Mark who has a high level of knowledge and expertise regarding investment and planning for the future. Mark's friendly approach and ability to explain complex financial concepts in relatively simple terms provides an excellent combination.

    Denise and David Perkin, Gloucestershire

  • Mark has been our financial adviser for many years now. In changing situations throughout that time he has offered good solutions to fit our needs. Mark is exceptionally good at explaining things in a clear and concise manner and always inspires confidence. I would recommend his services unreservedly.

    Rita Thorn, Pershore

  • It has been both pleasing and re-assuring being advised by Mark for a number of years. He takes the time to understand my goals and adjusting personal circumstances, and comes up with robust advice and support. Mark takes away the hassle and headaches and leaves me feeling confident about my financial affairs. Thank you Mark!

    Susan Oakley, Gloucestershire

  • Mark has been our Financial Adviser for over 15 years and throughout that time he has created for us investment portfolios that suit our needs. We have regular meetings with Mark where he brings new ideas about our investments that are always in our best interests, any later queries we may have are met with prompt and clear responses from Mark. Both myself and my wife are now into our retirement and Mark has brought something else to our investment plans and that is the confidence to now spend our pension pot and to enable us to set new aims for our retirement life without the usual debate of “Can we afford that now?""

    Derek Windslow, Swindon

  • I have been advised by Jason Bolton for many years on investments and pensions and throughout that time I have found his advice reliable, sensible and professional. He offers a service which I have no hesitation in recommending and I look forward to working with him in the future.

    Mike Cartwright

  • Jason provides an excellent service…he has an in-depth knowledge of his field, is proactive and looks after his clients with a healthy dollop of humour and good grace. I have no hesitation in recommending him.

    Gareth Parry, Hopson Solicitors, Cheltenham

  • My wife and I have always been financial 'illiterates', mistrustful of stocks and shares, investments and flashy insurance salesmen but having been advised for many years now by Mark Davis I cannot recommend his skill, patience, understanding and wisdom highly enough...

    Mark has shown us with both complex projections and forecasts and, simple, to the point explanations that we CAN retire well, and also have easy access to funds for emergencies and luxuries, such as buying a newer car or putting monies into deposits on houses we thought were financially beyond our means..."

    If you are looking for a no frills, solid, reliable, trustworthy and thoroughly decent person to trust your monies with then for peace of mind and reassurance Mark is your man!

    Martin and Carole Driscoll, Worcester

  • Jason has been my financial adviser for the past eight years. At that time I had just been through a divorce and needed to ensure that the pension and savings I had would be sufficient for my lifestyle and expectations.

    He has helped me to invest and plan my future spending with minimum effort and fuss. I have really appreciated his help and advice and I have complete trust in him. My portfolio has grown consistently and Jason has always been reliable and efficient.

    I’m sure he has a lot of clients with a lot bigger portfolios but he always has time to answer my questions and make me feel like an important client.
    I can’t recommend him enough.

    Susie Bishop

  • As CEO of several companies I have always placed great importance on getting professional, and solid advice, especially when it comes to choosing a financial adviser.

    Making the correct decision about the individual or company you choose can be a daunting prospect. Making sure the person who is advising you has the required expertise and a good breadth of knowledge is paramount.

    My relationship with Jason has been long lasting, and I cannot speak highly enough of his qualities; his veracity and professionalism are beyond reproach. His expertise and knowledge of the financial sector is vast, and Jason’s ability to understand an individual’s requirements is uncanny.

    He is a wonderful listener and grasps the situation quickly, and the appropriate advice follows with clarity, and without procrastination.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Jason to both small and large companies, and to the individual.

    Allan Gardner, Hounslow, Middlesex

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