Whether you are receiving £500,000 or £5 million from the sale of your business, protecting this from heavy tax charges, and investing it wisely, will help you to achieve the financial security you have dreamed.

That’s exactly where we can help.

To make things simpler, we’ve designed a tailored service for those people selling their business and looking to plan for retirement.

Step 1: Pre-Investment Tax Analysis

Realising a lump sum from the sale of their business can bring many delights. But there are often less welcome aspects to the sale including:

  • Tax bills
  • Investment worries
  • The need to replace lost income

Our analysis identifies the tax implications of receiving the sale proceeds and provides guidance on how lost employment benefits can be replaced in the most tax-efficient and cost effective way.

Step 2: Income Planning & Retirement Options

Whether your client plans to continue working full time, part time or relax and retire completely, understanding their existing pension plans and assessing the options is important work.

Step 3: Investment Recommendations

Our comprehensive investment report includes detailed recommendations on how to invest the sale proceeds. We aim to achieve maximum tax-efficiency with a portfolio which meets the client’s immediate and future requirements.

All investments are tailored to meet the client’s attitude to investment risk, any ethical considerations, as well as preparing for capital growth and income needs.

Investing business sales proceeds will be one of the biggest and possibly most daunting of decisions. We can help guide your clients through the maze of potential options to create a solution specific to their needs.

Step 4: Appointment as Financial Planner

By being formally appointed as Financial Planner, we will be with the client every step of the way. We will provide them with regular planning meetings and an ongoing assessment of how their investments and pension plans continue to meet their needs.