Having a Will is one of the most powerful financial planning tools you will ever have.

Not only will it save your family and loved ones time and heartache, in knowing exactly what you want to happen after death, it can also help to protect your assets from the taxman.

However, planning shouldn’t stop with just a Will. You should also look at implementing a Lasting Power of Attorney to ensure that your family can look after your financial affairs should you become incapacitated. A financial review will ensure that you are making the best use of your assets, providing yourself and your loved ones with the most financially secure future possible.

Option 1: The Will Review Service

Having a Will is just the start of inheritance tax (IHT) and estate planning, and a financial review completed at the same time could help save both you and your beneficiaries thousands of pounds as well as provide peace of mind.

We will identify which financial review will complement your new or existing Will to take advantage of all relief and allowances available to preserve your estate for future generations.

The financial review service will highlight any gaps in your financial planning, such as asset liquidity to pay for IHT liability or provision for nursing home fees. We offer guidance on how these gaps can be filled and identify the next steps you should take.

Option 2: The IHT and Long Term Care Planning Service

This is a detailed analysis and recommendation service designed to explain all current financial plans in place, highlight any gaps and provide recommendations for future actions.

We gain a complete understanding of your financial objectives, any existing plans you have, and provide clear recommendations on the actions that you should take to achieve your aims. This service can help focus your mind on exactly how you can achieve your financial objectives.

Option 3: The Attorney / Receiver (‘Deputy’) Advice Service

This is a complete service assisting deputies in managing money and investments on behalf of an incapacitated individual.

Taking sound independent financial advice, whilst acting as a deputy, will ensure that deputies are able to fulfil their duty of care under the Mental Capacity Act and ensure that all financial transactions are in the best interests of their loved one / client.

Option 4: The Probate Review Service: the asset review

Understanding the different assets held on death, their taxation position, liquidity, and transfer options is vital in making informed decisions about which assets to hold, which to transfer, and which to sell.

This analysis will explain to personal representatives each of the investments held at the time of death, and highlight the options for the future, allowing them to make an informed decision.

Option 5: Appointment as Financial Planner

Formally appointed by the Investment Delegation Statement and bound to comply with the terms of the Investment Policy statement, this service provides regular reviews of the Investment Policy Statement and trust assets, with recommendations on any alterations to the portfolio, as required.

The detailed ongoing services keeps trustees up to date with changes in legislation, investment work and regular reports on the progress of the trust’s assets in relation to the relevant Act and any agreed benchmarks as set in the Investment Policy Statement. The reviews will also recommend any changes to the portfolio to ensure that the assets of the trust continue to meet the changing needs to the trust’s own objectives.

A formal support relationship for trustees and professional advisers ensures ongoing compliance with the relevant act and a structured approach to investment management of trust assets.