We understand the significant responsibilities you take on when you are the trustee for any type of trust.

Whilst many advisors shy away from what can be a complex area, we will always embrace areas that can add value to our clients. Trusts come in many different shapes and sizes and what is the optimal investment and tax strategy for one may be completely incorrect for another.

When it comes to considering how best to draw income or capital, planning around income tax, capital gains or inheritance tax, and the most appropriate investment options for your and the beneficiaries’ needs, we are specialists in this area. We will work with your accountants and solicitors wherever possible to ensure you are getting the best possible advice and in an increasingly litigious age, can demonstrate to the eventual beneficiaries that you have fulfilled your duties.

We are happy to look at new trusts or existing ones and also have experts in advising on both Charitable trusts and Pension trusts.