Choosing the right adviser or planner isn’t an easy task.

The adviser must have the right mix of skills, experience and knowledge to solve your financial problems.

But it’s more than that.

The chemistry between you and the adviser must be right. You have to feel that you can be open and honest with them over what will hopefully be a long-term relationship.

Our clients tell us there are many reasons they chose to work with us, and continue to do so.


To get the best results for our clients they need to have complete confidence in us; for that to happen we need to be, among other things, approachable and friendly.

We love working with our clients. The feedback we get from them tells us they feel the same.


Over the years, we have developed a particular understanding of the specific needs of six ‘types’ of client; business owners & directors, higher earners, people with wealth, young families, trustees and companies. That means we have the specialist and in-depth knowledge of their financial challenges and how to address them.

A team approach

Our entire team is dedicated to helping you meet your financial objectives. That starts by identifying what you want to achieve, putting together a plan and then implementing it.

Financial planners, on their own, cannot possibly do all that whilst delivering a great service level. That’s why our planners are supported by a highly knowledgeable and experienced team of administrators and paraplanners.

We are local

We work from our office near Westerham.

From this location, we can provide financial planning and advice services to people across the South of England, including London and the home counties.

The Beaufort Group

We are proud to be a founding partner of the Beaufort Group. Established in 2012, the Beaufort Group of companies was created to address an increasing need for the provision of retail financial services advice and solutions.

The Beaufort Group comprises Beaufort Financial Planning, Beaufort Investment Management and Beaufort Consulting.