Beaufort Financial Birmingham is an independent Financial Adviser that offers sophisticated and transparent financial advice to individual clients and private companies.
How we can help


Getting to the nitty gritty of your finances, which will help you focus on your future financial goals.


Explaining all retirement options to you, helping you maximise any pension relief and savings to give you a financial boost.


Identifying spare equity and recommending suitable ways to invest it, to support your future financial goals.


Valuing and optimising your estate so that you can give more of it to your loved ones in the future.


Building settlement plan options, guidance on pensions pots and clear recommendations to get the best financial solutions from your settlement.


Supporting your business and personal financial needs, as well as the long term goals you have for both.

Why choose us?

Our approach to financial planning and advice means, that you can be assured, we will:

  • Listen, until we fully understand what you want your money to do for you
  • Talk, in plain and simple language
  • Put together solutions to help achieve your needs and objectives
  • Communicate with you regularly to manage what we put in place and help keep you on track
Chartered Financial Planners

Our Corporate Chartered status sets us apart from other advisers and planners.

Fewer than 700 firms have achieved this prestigious status, awarded by Chartered Insurance Institute (CII).

It involves a commitment to continuing professional development and adherence to an industry standard Code of Ethics. It also shows that we are prepared to invest time in developing our standards and technical knowledge for the benefit of our clients.

You can view the Code at

Supportive and sensitive to your needs

To get the best results for our clients, you need to have complete confidence in us; for that to happen we need to be, among other things, approachable, supportive and friendly. We love working with our clients. The feedback we get, tells us that they feel the same.

Local service, national support

We are local, with our offices based in Wolverhampton and Leamington Spa, from these locations we can provide advice to you in your preferred format:

  • Over the phone
  • In person
  • Over a whole host of online conference facilities

We are part of a larger group, which means we have the support of a wider network that allows all the mundane business requirements to be delivered on our behalf, so that we can concentrate on giving you the best advice.

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