Education Champion

TheMy Personal Finance Skills pro bono initiativedelivers financial education workshops to schools and colleges across the UK through a network of Education Champions and aims to be the largest programme of its type in the UK.

Paul is delighted to have recently been appointed as an Education Champion and is already working with one local school who are really enthusiastic about what the programme has to offer.

The My Personal Finance Skills programme offers schools free workshopscovering elements of financial education to schools with themes relevant to students’ life stage. Themes includemy future finances, staying safe from financial scams, understanding your first payslip and understanding attitude to risk and how that impacts decision making.

The financial education material has undergone a process of piloting in schools and has also been awarded the financial education Quality Marksupported by Money Advice Service after fulfilling the following criteria:

  1. Developed in consultation with a teacher or educationalist and tested with young people in the target group
  2. Having a dedicated Theory of Change and evaluation plan
  3. Having a principle focus on financial education
  4. Including opportunities for structured learning
  5. Engaging and relevant for young people
  6. Clearly written and easy to use
  7. Containing accurate, up-to-date information and are free of branding

Paul see this as a fantastic way to give something back and help young people as they start their journey to adulthood and begin their careers.