Wages are rising: here’s how to get yourself a pay rise without leaving your job

Wages are rising at a rapid pace across the economy, latest figures from the Office for National Statistics suggest.

As per the most recent wage growth data, workers are due to get a bumper 8.8% increase in their pay packets.  This number has been called into question however, amongst concerns that base effects of falls in wages in 2020 have skewed the comparative data.

That being said, there is no doubt that salaries are increasing across the UK. Worker shortages are biting businesses that are looking to expand after the various lockdowns, while changes to employment visas post Brexit have left many firms with less access to pools of talent from abroad.

But unless your boss offers you a pay rise, or you quit your job for a better paying one – it can be hard to get in on these bumper rises.

The best way to get a pay rise then is to sit down with your manager and explain to them why you are worth it.

There are a few ways to broach the topic though. Here are some ideas.

  1. Do your research

It can be difficult to find average rates for the type of work you do but do try doing some research. That way you’ll know whether you’re being remunerated fairly or not.

  1. Don’t use personal issues to bargain

When appealing to your manager for a pay rise, don’t use personal circumstances as a reason to request an increase. As true as it may be, it is not reflecting to them why you are worth more money each month than you currently get.

  1. Don’t make ultimatums

Threatening to leave your job if you don’t get a pay rise only works if you are prepared to carry it out. Avoid making such ultimatums unless you have a plan to make it happen.

  1. Don’t use colleagues’ pay rises as an excuse

Although you may have a colleague doing the same job as you, unfortunately the nature of salaries is such that often people earn different amounts for the same work. But if you find this out, using it as a reason to ask for a raise will not necessarily convince your boss you are worth it too.

  1. Make a positive case

If you feel you deserve a raise for the work you do, be ready to prove it. List the tasks you do and responsibilities you have that you feel go above and beyond your basic job description. Make the case for the value you add to the company and what makes you worth more money to them.

  1. Make yourself indispensable

If you feel like you could take on more that would lead to your pay packet increasing, dive in. An employer will take no signal better than a sign you’re going above and beyond to deliver for them.