Five questions to ask before signing with a network

This article first appeared in Professional Adviser. Joining an IFA network is an increasingly tempting option for advisers, but what should you…

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Rishi Sunak’s pensions tax traps: what to expect

With the Government in need of a way to pay for the enormous cost of the pandemic, pensions are perhaps an easy target for the Chancellor. The…

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Extra savings stashed away during lockdown? Here are some ideas for what to do with it

Brits have stashed away an extra £180 billion in savings during the pandemic. If you built up some extra cash in the last year, here are some ideas…

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Team GB 50p: can you make a mint from collecting rare coins?

The Royal Mint has introduced a new commemorative 50p coin for the Japan Olympics, but what other rare coins are out there, and could you make money…

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romance scams

Looking for love? Then watch out for romance scams

Romance scams have boomed over the past year as fraudsters switched their attention to those searching for companionship during lockdown. Figures…

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PII Cover

Hold your network up to scrutiny on PII cover

This article first appeared in Professional Adviser. In the current climate, PII renewal can be an anxious affair. In this blog I discuss increasing…

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money management

Is it time you ditched your High Street bank and went digital?

With a slew of digital-only options, is it time to ditch your old bank? We look at how Monzo, Starling and Revolut are challenging the old guard.…

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Tips for building a nest egg for your children or grandchildren

Starting early can make an extraordinary difference to long-term wealth. Here are some options to help your children or grandchildren. Building a…

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retirement planning

Are you saving enough for retirement? Here’s what to consider when planning

From living longer to cruises of a lifetime - here are a few things you need to consider when saving for your retirement. There’s no one easy way to…

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Savings lotteries – what are they, and are they worth it?

Savings lotteries have become more prevalent in recent times as banks look to incentivise saving without offering better rates. But are they any…

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ESG Investing

Navigating ESG investing in an increasingly complex world

This article first appeared in Professional Adviser. While ESG investing seems like a straightforward concept, factors such as geopolitics cannot be…

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