bitcoin, steam trains, tulips

Simon Goldthorpe: Cautionary lessons from bitcoin, steam trains, and tulips

This article first appeared in Professional Adviser Why you should be careful where you invest. As bitcoin booms, Simon Goldthorpe revisits some…

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Cashflow planning key to advisers’ ‘biggest challenges’

Simon Goldthorpe encourages advisers to double down on cashflow modelling as the answer to a "surge" of clients facing financial hardship in the wake…

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green savings bonds

NS&I Green Savings Bonds: what are they and will they offer a good return?

The Chancellor’s Spring Budget unveiled a new savings scheme from the Government’s National Savings & Investments (NS&I) arm, focusing on…

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frozen tax allowances

Budget 2021: four frozen tax allowances that could catch savers unawares

This year’s Spring Budget is as noteworthy for what wasn’t announced, as for what was. Having been set to be a big one given the state of the public…

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state pension

Hundreds of thousands of women entitled to £13,500 from unpaid State Pension

Around 200,000 women could be entitled to an average back payment of £13,500 thanks to an error made by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).…

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bond and stock markets

Market turbulence: inflation ‘fears’ give investors the jitters

Bond and stock markets have had a troubled few weeks as investors watch for signs of an economic recovery which could finally end the near…

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National Insurance contributions impact state pension – Britons may need to act urgently

Simon Goldthorpe is quoted in the Daily Express warning people that now is the time to take action to avoid missing out on annual allowances this tax…

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increasing client referrals

Increasing client referrals in 2021

This article first appeared in Professional Adviser. How to improve? Receiving referrals from clients or, rather, introductions is an important way…

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retail investors

Reddit, GameStop and the new retail investment army – why chasing ‘trends’ is best avoided

January saw one of the most widely covered stories for years in financial markets after a group of online retail investors clubbed together to, in…

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tax allowances

Early end to the tax year? Get your skates on to fulfil your allowances

The tax year ends on 5 April, but thanks to the Easter holiday, many won’t be around to process that last minute deposit this year. Therefore, now is…

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stamp duty

Too late to beat the stamp duty deadline?

If you’re buying a home, time is ticking if you want to take advantage of the Government’s stamp duty holiday and save yourself up to £15,000. The…

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spring budget 2021

Spring Budget 2021: what to expect in Rishi Sunak’s financial address

Rishi Sunak delivers his second Budget on 3 March against the backdrop of record government spending and escalating national debt. There is much…

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