Graeme co-founded Beaufort Financial Reading in 2010 and Beaufort Financial Pathfinder in 2022. A 25-year veteran of the industry, Fellow of the Personal Finance Society and a Step affiliate, Graeme has the highest level of qualifications possible ensuring that clients have access to the best strategies available to meet their financial goals.

Graeme believes passionately that educating clients, so they fully understand both the investment and tax planning advice they receive, produces the best outcomes for clients in the long run.

Away from the office

When he’s not advising clients, Graeme loves watching any kind of sport but particularly enjoys cricket and football, though his playing days are behind him, be advised though, when it comes to Pool, take on Graeme at your Peril.

The official bit

All financial advisers must be registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

You can view Graeme’s entry on the FCA Register by clicking here.

Furthermore, all advisers must be issued with a valid Statement of Professional Standing (SPS) which confirms that they continue to satisfy stringent requirements to act as a financial adviser. We can provide you with a copy of Graeme’s SPS on request.