Written by Millan Chauhan.

Last week saw Boris Johnson win the vote of confidence from the Conservative MPs, claiming a 59% majority.  Despite the majority, this was less than his predecessor Theresa May, who claimed a 63% margin before resigning months later amid the Brexit negotiations deadlock. Johnson’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and actions during national lockdowns has put into question his leadership, all of which instigated the vote of confidence last Monday.

Elsewhere, global markets continue to price in new releases of economic data with the US headline Consumer Price Index (CPI) at 8.6% at the end of May 2022. Core CPI (that excludes food and energy) rose 6.0% a year ago.  If we take a more intrinsic look at headline inflation figures, this has largely been driven by Oil prices soaring by 48.7% which has impacted the prices of other areas such as Airline fares and Transportation which have risen 37.8% and 19.4% respectively. The acceleration of headline inflation keeps the pressure on the Federal Reserve who are set to meet over the next two days (14th – 15th June). Current rates in the US are at 1% with a further 0.50% rate rise expected to be announced this week.

Elsewhere, the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee is set to meet on Thursday and expected to raise interest rates by 0.25%, with UK CPI at 9.0% at the end of April 2022.  Central banks continue to contend with several macroeconomic factors, including the effect of rate rises on the economy. The UK economy contracted by -0.3% month-over-month in April 2022. Ultimately, Central banks face a balancing act between how quickly existing rate rises can slow down inflation and not materially stall economic growth.

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