Making Connections

Increasing our involvement in the local community, we hosted a much-welcomed breakfast meeting at the prestigious, lovingly restored Reading Thames Lido showing our support for the Berkshire Community Foundation. This worthy organisation raises funds for local charities and community groups addressing identified needs across Berkshire. Why wait until you die to gift money to charity? Enjoy seeing the benefits of how it’s received and used to help others by gifting some of it, now.

Traditionally, the financial adviser’s recommendation for the client was to amass as large a pension pot as possible. Nowadays, clients are encouraged to look outwards at the bigger picture to see how local and more far-flung initiatives may be facilitated. As an example, the BCF are able to make grants and use their local knowledge to connect supporters to groups and communities, making sure that donations are effective and bring the greatest benefit to those in need.

Invited solicitors and legal experts from local law firms at the meeting discussed how gifts can be made and wills best worded to cover philanthropic aspirations of clients and help them make informed decisions about their assets.