Sylvia Scales The Great Wall

Sylvia Goddard, who we met in the last newsletter, has been ticking items off her Bucket List thanks to the comfort that her Beaufort Financial Advisor, Mark Dolby, has provided.

In January this year Sylvia boarded a plane to visit Hong Kong and China. The Hong Kong stay was to meet up with friends from around the world, after all it is half way isn’t it? After that there was a train journey to Beijing to walk The Great Wall. Talking about the trip she said The experience was incredible, one of life’s Top 3 experiences.

I knew it was going to be good but the reality was even better than I’d imagined. The highlight of the whole trip was the journey on the new Chinese Bullet Train which was 9 hours travelling through China, a whole part of the world that I hadn’t seen before. Being a bit of a train boff made it extra special! Lots of things off the Bucket List…

Here at Beaufort Financial we are pleased that we can help our clients to not only understand their financial position, but also plan how and when they can use their current pensions and Investments to enjoy life, whilst continuing to invest for the long term.

Sylvia concluded The experience was amazing, and knowing I have more to come is fantastic.

Maybe Antarctica next?