Team building away day

In the spirit of team building and development, the team spent a day away from the office in the stylish Thames-side surroundings of The Great House in Sonning to discuss developments from the firm’s early business days. Each of the firms’ ‘hubs’ gave a presentation, including the variety of business propositions offered, sharing experiences and ideas. Specific areas were focussed on to see how they could be developed further and improved. Sharing expertise is of tremendous benefit in a professional environment and many excellent ideas and plans were considered.

Lottie Moore gave a thought-provoking and inspirational presentation on communication issues and this gave everyone great scope for discussion and deliberation. It is essential that our ‘hubs’ work together and that all members of the staff team work together with common aims and objectives. Productive and creative ideas always flow from a relaxed setting and the day was a great success with the positive result of improved relationships and working practices.