Trustees Week

At Beaufort Financial, we help a fantastic group of people, without whom the good work done by UK charities just wouldn’t happen… Trustees!

To honour those who give their time and expertise to charitable organisations,1st November – 5th November is the annual “Trustees’ Week” event.

Trustee Week is comprised of two important elements:

  1. An acknowledgement of the great work trustees undertake for the charitable sector.
  2. A broad and varied series of events across the week designed to help trustees meet their responsibilities and optimise the delivery of their organisation’s charitable objectives.

At Beaufort Financial, we work with charity partners, both directly and via their audit and legal advisers, to ensure that investment assets are aligned to charitable objectives and that charitable objectives are met in a way that satisfies the documented guidance set by the Charity Commission.

What’s Topical In Charity Investing?

  1. The Charity Commission is currently in consultation with the industry regarding the integration of responsible investing themes in charity assets. We expect formal guidance to be published in early 2022.
  2. The upcoming COP 26 climate action conference has a specific goal of aligning capital towards climate finance. Charities can play their part by investing in companies that make a positive difference in the pursuit of a net-zero carbon world.

Useful Links

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all the trustees out there, making a difference to their charities and organisations. Make the most of Trustee Week and get in touch if you would like to explore making the most of your charity’s assets.