Our fundamental belief is that there are seven key objectives that should be addressed when advising clients:

  1. To have a very clear understanding of our clients’ corporate goals, ambitions and financial needs
  2. To work with our clients to create a plan to fulfil their goals, objectives and financial requirements
  3. To work with our clients to implement that plan
  4. To provide advice to protect shareholder interests for current and future generations
  5. To provide taxation and financial advice to ensure our clients retain as much as possible from the profits they generate
  6. To provide financial advice to maximise returns from corporate investments whilst protecting shareholders’ interests, the business and employees against risk-based situations
  7. To ensure ongoing regular reviews to ensure all matters being addressed stay on track

Your Corporate Financial Focus is a step by step ongoing process that has been created to help business owners to:

  • Have clarity of their current business structure and financial situation through Your Corporate Overview
  • Have complete understanding of their financial arrangements they have in place through Your Corporate Financial Arrangements Overview
  • Provide accessibility to a ‘trusted’ adviser
  • Identify any financial planning shortfalls by engaging in
    • Your Cash Management Focus
    • Your Corporate Protection Focus
    • Your Corporate Retirement Focus
    • Your Corporate Investment Focus
    • Your Corporate Lending Focus
  • Ensure any borrowings are as cost-effective and as tax efficient as possible
  • Ensure that any investments are as tax efficient as possible and provide the best opportunity to maximise returns
  • Ensure their financial data and arrangements are maintained by a professional adviser
  • Ensure their circumstances are reviewed regularly

By engaging in Your Corporate Financial Focus, we aim to provide a professional, fair and reliable service through a structured and clearly defined service proposition that demonstrates the various ways of working with us. It has been designed for clients that require:

  • A continuous relationship with a ‘trusted’ financial adviser
  • A review of their financial plan/arrangements on at least an annual basis (preferably face-to-face where possible)
  • The confidence in knowing that when they have contact with their trusted adviser they never need to feel obligated to buy a financial services product
  • A clear and explicit method of payment
  • An excellent level of service
  • A two-way commitment

This service embraces several industry and legislative changes that have been introduced originally by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and latterly the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for the benefit of consumers, most notably the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) and Treating Customers Fairly (TCF).

Should you wish to familiarise yourself further with RDR or TCF, please let us know and we will be pleased to provide further information. The structure and content of our company literature, together with the ability for this to be easily interpreted is extremely important to us, as such any feedback relating to how this could be improved would be welcomed.

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