Our priority is to add value to any client situation. As long as we are able to do this, we do not impose strict criteria of what a client must ‘look’ like before we are prepared to engage them.

However, we have learned that we are able to bring maximum benefit in multiple ways to clients whose situations are as follows:

  • Successful individual / couple
  • Accumulated assets / estate generally in the region of £500,000 to £30 million
  • Annual household income in over £50,000, although most of our clients have income in excess of £100,000. There is no maximum ceiling
  • Insufficient time to focus on what is truly important to them and a need to identify their ‘number’
  • Frustration that they are paying too much tax
  • Lack of understanding and clarity of existing financial arrangements
  • Concern that assets aren’t being maximised and risks minimised
  • Worried about inheritance tax liabilities, ‘social’ impact and loss of mental capacity

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